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Vaccelerate is an EU-funded network for vaccine studies, coordinating 400+ centers and a shared database. Karolinska leads Sweden's participation.

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What is Vaccelerate?

Vaccelerate is an EU-funded research network aimed at facilitating vaccination studies within the Union and strengthening pandemic preparedness. Together, the network coordinates over 400 study centers and a shared database for individuals interested in participating in vaccine studies. Karolinska University Hospital, in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, coordinates Sweden's involvement.

Hundreds of European clinics – all in one single network

All clinics that are interested in participating in the network are welcome to register, whether they have previous experience of vaccine studies or not. You can read more about EUVAP and register your clinic here.

Through the network, vaccine developers and sponsors can quickly connect with study centers that meet desired criteria for various types of studies. Sponsors and companies interested in using the network and conducting vaccine studies can contact

Volunteer registry for vaccine research support

To ensure vaccine efficacy and safety for diverse populations, Vaccelerate has established a European volunteer registry for clinical trials. When eligible, registered volunteers are contacted by Vaccelerate and connected with the study clinic, enabling them to independently volunteer for participation.

A report about Vaccelerate’s volunteer registry has been published in the journal Vaccine. The report describes how the register works, which results have been achieved, and what is being planned for the future, among other things.


You can help advance vaccine research, read more about how here.