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Nordic University Hospital Alliance (NUHA)

The goal of NUHA is to strengthen relationships and collaborations between the hospitals and establish a strategy for addressing healthcare challenges in the Nordic region.

The alliance's objective is to elevate healthcare quality and stimulate innovation across healthcare, research, and education domains. This is pursued through the exchange of best practices and patient outcomes, the dissemination of knowledge, and joint efforts in research and development.

The overarching vision is to generate value for patients and the healthcare system at large by tackling the pressing health issues of our era. NUHA will additionally advocate Nordic healthcare solutions and diplomacy to foster a beneficial societal influence.

NUHA, inaugurated on May 24, 2024, comprises five member countries.

  • Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.
  • Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm.
  • Oslo University Hospital, Oslo.
  • Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki.
  • Landspitali - National University Hospital, Reykjavik.
Anna Sahlström
Head of National and International Affairs at Karolinska University Hospital, EUHA Steering committee member