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Norway Draws Inspiration from Karolinska’s Intensive Care Helicopter

Karolinska University Hospital's intensive care helicopter is unique in the Nordic region and has caught the attention of our western neighbor, prompting a recent study visit.

On Wednesday, June 5, representatives from Luftambulansetjenesten HF (LAT HF) in Norway visited Sweden to learn more about Karolinska University Hospital's intensive care helicopter and other regional ambulance helicopters.

During their visit to Karolinska University Hospital, they sought a comprehensive overview of how Stockholm organizes its HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) and the region’s only HICAMS (Helicopter Intensive Care Medical Service) equipped helicopter. They also wanted to gain insights from the experiences that could benefit LAT HF.

The visitors were given a helicopter tour to the helipad on the roof of Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. There, they received a detailed briefing on the various capabilities of the helicopters and had the opportunity to examine the unique intensive care setup of Karolinska’s blue intensive care helicopter.

Among those present was Lars Falk, Head of Intensive Care and Transport (ICT) at Karolinska University Hospital. He explained how the helicopter is equipped to transport both newborns in incubators and intensive care patients, including those requiring ECMO.

“It’s fantastic that we are visited by the authority responsible for air ambulances in Norway and that they find our organization’s innovative solutions worth emulating,” says Lars Falk.

 Lars Falk, Head of Intensive Care and Transport (ICT) at Karolinska University Hospital


Text: Josefine Franking.

Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund.

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