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Karolinska's unit for endocrinologic diseases has been ranked first among all endocrinological units in the Nordic countries.

Endocrinology at Karolinska includes diagnostics, treatment, and research in the entire spectrum of endocrinologic diseases as well as some additional medical fields, such as transgender medicine and inborn errors of metabolism. Our center is one of the largest endocrinologic centers in Sweden and consists of three subunits: The unit for Diabetes and Metabolism, The unit for endocrinology, and ANOVA, the largest unit for andrology, sexual medicine, and trans medicine in Sweden. At ANOVA, we investigate and treat sexual dysfunction, hypogonadism, and infertility in men, and ANOVA has an advanced laboratory performing examinations on human semen when investigating male infertility. 

With a strong focus on each patient’s needs, we provide advanced and attentive care to offer the best treatment and the best possible outcome. We perform approximately 50,000 outpatient care contacts and 600 care opportunities yearly. Our interdisciplinary teams work in close collaboration with clinical and preclinical research and education. Our staff of 110 people includes medical doctors, specialized nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, podiatrists, hospital curators, assistant nurses, and biomedical scientists. The unit was ranked first among all endocrinological units in the Nordic countries by Newsweek 2021 and 2022.

Subspecialties within endocrinology at Karolinska:

Transgender medicine

The transgender unit at ANOVA is the largest of its kind in Sweden. We do a diagnostic assessment of patients needing gender-affirming treatment, are responsible for hormonal treatment, and coordinate other gender-affirming care. We also offer support during the social and medical transition and help with the necessary applications for changing legal gender and permission for gender-affirming genital surgery. The transgender unit at ANOVA is also the coordinator of the multidisciplinary transgender team at Karolinska University Hospital. 

Sexual medicine, Preventell

The Sexual Medicine Unit at ANOVA performs diagnostic assessment and evaluation for the pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatment of sexual dysfunction, compulsive sexual behavior disorder, and sexual deviance. We have a national mission to reduce sexual violence by running the Helpline, PrevenTell. We receive government funding for our mission to establish a national knowledge center for issues of sexual violence. 

Other conditions treated