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The EUHA Members' Assembly 2024 has started

EU Healthcare agenda
The EUHA Members' Assembly event brings together experts and stakeholders from around the world to discuss how we can best design sustainable healthcare systems in Europe. The focus is on collaboratively addressing the complex challenges of the future and finding innovative solutions for better healthcare standards.
Members of the Policy Working group of EUHA. Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund

The European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) represents a network of ten of Europe’s leading university hospitals, united by a common vision to shape sustainable healthcare systems for the future. By bringing together expertise and resources from these leading institutions, EUHA works to advance medical research and treatment.

A Unified Effort for the Future of Healthcare

EUHA's efforts focus strongly on promoting innovations in medical research and improving education for healthcare professionals. A central strategy is sharing best practices among the hospitals, which not only raises standards but also ensures that healthcare professionals across Europe have access to the latest and most effective methods.

Senior Consultant Paolo Parini, member of the Policy Working group. Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund.

What makes EUHA unique is its cross-border collaboration. By uniting hospitals from different countries, the network can tackle the complex challenges faced by modern healthcare more effectively. Together, these hospitals have more than 220,000 employees, are engaged in over 300 research projects, and conduct more than 6,000 clinical studies. 

Members' Assembly 2024

Twice a year, the so-called "Members' Assembly" takes place – an event where hospital directors from each EUHA member participate to establish strategic priorities and review the alliance's operations. Karolinska University Hospital has been the president of EUHA for the past six months and will hand over the presidency to San Raffaele Hospital in Milan on June 14th.  

During the two-day event, a highly interesting symposium will be held on the EUHA initiative "Rethinking Healthcare Systems". This initiative aims to address some of the biggest challenges in healthcare and emphasizes the importance of broad collaborations at the EU level.

The symposium will focus on how healthcare systems can be adapted to cope with an aging population, a challenge further complicated by a shrinking workforce. Attendees will hear from experts from institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the National University Health System in Singapore as they discuss innovative solutions and strategies to streamline costly and advanced treatment methods.  

“This event is a must-attend for anyone committed
to the future of healthcare in Europe.” 

Given the demographic changes and rapid advancements in medical technology, it is crucial that healthcare systems are flexible and sustainable. Through this symposium, EUHA hopes to promote dialogue and collaboration among various stakeholders, which is necessary to create a more robust and efficient healthcare system. 

"Addressing each problem in isolation would be time-consuming and resource intensive. EUHA can assist us in identifying and implementing these smart solutions more efficiently", says acting CEO Patrik Rossi in his recent interview.

During these days, various EUHA Networking Groups will convene to delve into innovative solutions and strategies aimed at optimizing expensive and cutting-edge treatment methods, and how these can be implemented across Europe. 

  • You can find the agenda and speaker biographies for the symposium here


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