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Center for Fetal Medicine

Experts in helping families at a vulnerable stage in life.

Pregnancies can be a source of both concern and happy moments, which is why our team of experts focuses on the needs of the individual patient to provide a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery. We have broad experience in diagnosing and managing pregnancies with congenital malformations, fetal anemia, rare conditions, and complications in multiple pregnancies.  

Karolinska Center for Fetal Medicine (CFM) is the largest fetal therapy center in the Nordic-Baltic region, and we have extensive international collaborations, including a formalized alliance with the university hospitals in Leiden (Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium) as well as with the other countries in the Nordic region. Our team includes fetal medicine experts, fetal surgeons, pediatric specialists, clinical geneticists, transfusion medicine specialists, genetic counselors, midwives, social workers, and patient representatives. To continue developing future fetal medicine care, all clinical work is linked to important research projects.   

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