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The care provided at Karolinska University Hospital is organized based on medical theme areas and a number of functions. Thematic care puts the patient's collective medical needs into even greater focus.
Patrik Rossi, acting CEO of Karolinska University Hospital.
Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund.

Theme areas

  • Cancer
  • Children /Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital
  • Emergency and Reparative Medicine
  • Heart & Vascular and Neuro
  • Inflammation and Aging
  • Women's Health and Allied Health Professionals


  • Medical Diagnostics Karolinska
  • Perioperative Medicine & Intensive Care
  • Children Perioperative Medicine & Intensive Care

The hospital’s themes and functions have significant freedom to structure their organizations according to their respective needs. Several have opted for a so-called two-legged structure, with one Head of Department, often a physician, and one Head of Care Unit, often a nurse, responsible for nursing
operations, instead of the traditional model with one Head, often a physician.

Board of Directors 

The board of directors for Karolinska University Hospital is responsible for the hospital’s organization and management of its affairs, and it supports hospital administration efforts to develop operations. At the same time, the varied professional backgrounds of the directors provide important expertise to the board. 

Board members 

  • Håkan Sörman, Chairman, former Director at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions 
  • Eva Fernvall, vice Chairman, former chairman at the Swedish Association of Health Professionals
  • Eva-Lotta Löwstedt Lundell, Director, SKL Kommentus
  • Karin Eliasson, assignments as senior advisor and board member
  • Peter Aspelin, professor emeritus, chairman of the Swedish Society of Medicine
  • Magnus Fagerstedt, senior advisor, former partner at EY, and former CEO at KPMG 

Staff representatives 

  • Mia Lehtonen, appointed by the Swedish Association of Health Professionals. 
  • Yvonne Dellmark, appointed by the Swedish Medical Association. 
  • Rune Engleskär, appointed by the Swedish Municipal Workers’ Union.

Karolinska management team representatives 

  • Patrik Rossi, acting Chief Executive Officer, CEO 
  • Håkan Nilsson, Acting Director of Finance 
  • Helena Sundén, Secretary of the Board