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The Launch of the Nordic University Hospital Alliance (NUHA)

On May 24th, five Nordic university hospitals signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to inaugurate the new alliance, The Nordic University Hospital Alliance (NUHA). The goal is to strengthen relationships and collaborations between the hospitals and establish a strategy for addressing healthcare challenges in the Nordic region.

On May 24th, hospital directors from five Nordic countries convened in Copenhagen to unveil NUHA. The meeting's purpose was to discuss a strategy for enhancing collaboration between the hospitals and identifying areas for potential cooperation.

The Five Member Countries Are:

  • Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen.
  • Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm.
  • Oslo University Hospital, Oslo.
  • Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki.
  • Landspitali - National University Hospital, Reykjavik.
Hospital directors of the five member countries. Photo: Jacob Gyldenløve Aaen.

Adding Value for Patients and the Healthcare System

The alliance aims to enhance quality and foster innovation in healthcare, research, and education by sharing best practices and patient outcomes, disseminating knowledge, and collaborating on research and development.

The vision is to create value for both patients and the overall healthcare system by addressing the significant health challenges of our time. NUHA will also promote Nordic healthcare solutions and diplomacy to make a positive impact on society.

"By sharing best practices and resources, hospitals can enhance treatment outcomes and healthcare efficiency. Increasing collaboration with other university hospitals in the Nordic region is essential for strengthening our position in Europe and shaping the future of healthcare,” says Patrik Rossi, acting CEO of Karolinska University Hospital.

Patrik Rossi, acting CEO of Karolinska University Hospital. Photo: Jacob Gyldenløve Aaen.


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