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"We have something truly special here at Campus Flemmingsberg"

Discover Stephan Mielke's transformative work in the EUCCAT project –  a project transforming cancer treatment. This film features the ATMP center at Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet, where research, production, and treatment converge. Learn about their journey from research to ethical, clinically viable therapies.
Stephan Mielke, Prof. of Hematology & Cellular Therapy and Scientific Director of the Cancer Center at Karolinska University Hospital & Institutet.

Stephan Mielke's research within the EUCCAT (European Center for gene & Cellular Cancer Therapies) project aims to accelerate new and innovative ways in which we can facilitate rapid translation of research results into clinically applicable therapies at ethical prices.

Watch the film below where Stephen Mielke explains how Karolinska University Hospital together with Karolinska Institutet has unified different areas into an ATMP center (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) where they have it all under the same roof – research, production and treatment.

Click on the image to see the film.


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