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Intensive Care Transportation Center

The Intensive Care Transportation Center (ITC) transports critically ill patients in need of advanced intensive care during the entire journey, whether it is by intensive care helicopter (HICAMS), specially equipped ambulance airplanes, or ground transportation (MICU).

karolinska branded helicopter in sunset

Intensive Care Transportation

ITC provides transportation to and from Karolinska, as well as in between other hospitals throughout the world when needed.

Our nurses and doctors have extensive clinical experience  in providing intensive care to each of the patient categories listed below.

We have 24/7 readiness with all our transportation teams, ensuring that the appropriate team transports your patient according to the patient’s needs.

Karolinska's neonatal transportation team consists of specialized NICU doctors and nurses, experienced in performing emergency and planned transports of critically ill newborns between hospitals.

For medical professionals contact ANTS on +46 8-123 70 101

Karolinska's unique pediatric transportation team is dedicated to transporting critically ill children from 0-18 years old. The transports maintain the same level of care during transport that corresponds to the Pediatric Intensive Care unit.

For medical professionals contact PETS on +46 70-484 13 78

Karolinska's adult team consists of specialized intensive care doctors and ICU nurses on-call 24/7 to perform  transports of critically ill adult patients or patients with increased monitoring needs.

For medical professionals contact AITT on +46 8-123 76 150

The ECMO Center at Karolinska is one of a handful of centers in the world that transports patients between hospitals during ongoing ECMO treatment. The ECMO team enables the initiation of ECMO treatment already at the referring hospital.

For medical professionals contact ECMO on +46 8-123 78 050

Intensive care helicopter

karolinska helikopter på helikopterplattan, två personer med patientbår står framför

Thanks to specialized equipment on the intensive care helicopter, it can fly in adverse weather conditions and cover longer distances than most other helicopters on the market. With a speed of 320 km/h, Karolinska's intensive care helicopter has a range of 800 km from Karolinska University Hospital in Solna.

Ambulance airplanes

white and red ambulance helicopter

Our specially equipped ambulance airplanes are ready 24/7 to transport critically ill patients. Our ambulance airplanes have a range of 3,150 km at a speed of 740 km/h. We can also accommodate longer transports when necessary.

Our intensive care offering:

  • We offer medical advice even before the decision for transport is made.
  • Our teams take over the patientcare on your site and Karolinska is the healthcare provider during the transport.
  • We always have an additional intensive care helicopter and an ambulance airplane on standby in case the primary aircraft cannot fly for any reason.
  • We adapt intensive care transport in the air or on the ground based on distance, weather, and patient needs.
  • Our nurses and doctors are well trained and experienced using both CRM and simulations as well as a long track-record of intensive care transports.
  • All of our vehicles are specially equipped for high-end intensive care, from increased monitoring requirements to ongoing ECMO treatment.
  • We transport intensive care patients to all destinations whether it is to and from Karolinska or in between two other hospitals.
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