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Good to know

Prevent the spread of infection 

To prevent the spread of infection at the hospital, we ask you to contact your clinic if you have cold symptoms, seasonal flu, gastrointestinal symptoms, or other viral diseases. 

Be considerate of others 

Out of consideration for each other, we ask when visiting us, you not to bring or use products likely to cause allergic reactions. There may be other visitors or staff who may have problems such as nut allergies, for example. Also, remember to avoid strongly perfumed products. 

No smoking

Karolinska University Hospital is a non-smoking area. All kinds of smoking (including electronic cigarettes) are not permitted on hospital grounds. If you have difficulty quitting smoking, you can talk to the staff about nicotine replacement. 

Saving samples

Sometimes we wish to save blood or tissue samples for your future care and for research and development of new treatment methods. Samples are then saved in a biobank and protected with the support of the Biobank Act. If this is the case, the nursing staff will ask you what your preferences are. 

Coherent record keeping

We have consistent record keeping and make certain patient information in your patient record available to other healthcare providers. Ask us about who can read your journal. 

National Patient Register 

Patient data is recorded in various national patient registers to ensure and improve healthcare quality. If you do not want your data recorded in a register, please let us know. Read more about how we process personal data according to The Data Protection Regulation on 

Comments and complaints 

If you have comments, complaints, or improvement suggestions regarding the care you have received, please contact the International Patient Office.

Participate in studies 

Studies are conducted to develop new, effective, safe medical diagnostic methods and treatments in healthcare. Read more at to seewhich studies you can participate in and how to sign up. 

Contribute to tomorrow's healthcare 

Karolinska is a university hospital that trains the healthcare staff of the future. This means you sometimes meet students when visiting us, and you always have the right to say yes or no to having a student present during your visit.