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Highly Specialized Care

Karolinska University Hospital is responsible for highly specialized health care within the Stockholm Regional Council.

hybrid operating room karolinska

Highly specialized care covers the most complex disorders as well as seriously ill and injured patients. According to Swedish law, only a maximum of five healthcare providers in the country may perform this highest level of care. This centralization contributes to greater knowledge, quality, and better patient safety. The criteria for receiving a license to perform highly specialized care is based on competence, availability, and an organizational structure that includes multidisciplinary teams. The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare decides which care areas to cover at the highest care level and the number of licenses to be given. The licenses are reviewed regularly to ensure high quality. 

We are a proud provider of highly specialized care, striving not only to be among the best in Sweden but also among the best in the world. Therefore, we work closely across different disciplines and research fields and ensure our state-of-the-art facilities are always equipped with the latest technology.  

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