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Mission, vision and values

Responsibility, humanity, and a holistic approach are our core values guiding us in our daily work.

Karolinskas treenighet


Being an employee at Karolinska comes with a huge responsibility. People need us when they are at their weakest and most fragile. We also hold a significant responsibility to help other healthcare providers within the Swedish healthcare system. 


As an employee at Karolinska, we always need to show humanity – towards each other and towards our patients.

Holistic approach

Our work is complex; our patients often suffer from more than one condition requiring multidisciplinary care across different functions. In every single situation, we need to apply a holistic approach – both from the patient's perspective and Karolinska's perspective.


Our vision

We will cure and relieve tomorrow what no one can cure and relieve today.

Our vision describes the focus of the hospital. Karolinska University Hospital is to lead the way in health and healthcare development, including severe diseases where no sufficient treatment exists. It also includes care of conditions where treatment exists; in those cases, we are to be the best to treat and relieve.

Our mission

We are the best at the most difficult. We take responsibility for our common resources.