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New top ranking for Karolinska University Hospital in global hospital ranking

Karolinska once again achieves a prominent position in Newsweek magazine's ranking "World's Best Hospitals". For the fifth year in a row, the hospital is in the top 10 and ranks seventh in the world.
Photo: Carin Tellström.

Newsweek's ranking is the only worldwide comparison made. It's based on four data sources:

  • Recommendations from experts in the health sector, such as doctors and managers. 85,000 experts from around the world were invited, and responses were provided by a large number of them.
  • Results of patient surveys, for example regarding treatment and information.
  • Quality outcomes, such as waiting times, patient safety and adherence to hygiene routines.
  • The degree of use of patient-reported outcome measures, i.e. how patients estimate the benefit of the treatment and their quality of life after receiving care.

"When we entered the list in 2020, many people in Sweden said: "There must be something wrong. Swedish healthcare or Karolinska is not that good. Next year, order will be restored." But this is the order. This is how good Swedish healthcare can be, and this is how good Karolinska is," says Björn Zoëga, CEO at Karolinska University Hospital.

"Since 2019, the hospital has followed a clear strategy that involves decentralization of decisions, reduced administration and improved collaboration across the hospital. This has led to high quality and high production in research, education and healthcare. It is our 16,000 employees who have implemented the strategy and brought Karolinska to the level where we should be," says Björn Zoëga.   

Places 1–3 include Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Toronto General. At number six is Europe's best hospital, Charité. A total of seven Swedish hospitals are on the list. Sahlgrenska University Hospital ranks 74th and Uppsala University Hospital 75th. 

Facts/Karolinska's ranking at World's Best Hospital

  • 2020 – 10th place
  • 2021 – 7th place
  • 2022 – 8th place
  • 2023 – 6th place
  • 2024 – 7th place

World's Best Hospitals 2024 - Newsweek Rankings

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