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The strategy for Nursing at Karolinska University Hospital supports and strengthens sustainable nursing care, building on nurse leadership preparing the profession to meet future care needs.

three nursing staff talking in hospital environment at Karolinska

By exploring and implementing nursing innovations and systematic quality improvements and competence development, we strive to deliver excellent evidence-based nursing care.  


Patients and their carers can expect high quality specialised nursing care which is co-ordinated and tailored to personal needs.  Improvements to quality and safety of care integrates measurements from the patients experience and continuous quality assessments.  


All registered nurses in Sweden are educated to bachelor degree.  In many specialist areas, further education is required, equivalent to one year’s master’s degree.  Thereafter, nurses have opportunities for academic growth, including research and doctoral studies. Nursing assistants have a high school diploma and can study further as specialist nursing assistants.


We emphasize the importance of performing nursing research with the ambition of being a global leader in the field of nursing research. Our clinical research contribute to implementation of evidence-based nursing practices and supporting improvements in clinical practice that improve health, increase patient participation and safety, and enhance teamwork.

To strengthen the hospital in leadership, innovation, continuous improvement, and professional development, Karolinska is establishing a strategy for nursing.