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Epilepsy Surgery Center

Karolinska’s center for epilepsy surgery is the largest of its kind in Sweden, with about 25-30 surgical procedures per year. Our teams in neurosurgery, neurophysiology, neurology, and neuroradiology work together to offer both children and adults the best possible treatment in order to increase their quality of life.

Our epilepsy surgeries include open microneurosurgical procedures, robot-assisted SEEG-electrode implantation, laser ablations, radiofrequency ablations, Gamma Knife radiosurgery, as well as different neurostimulation techniques. We have more experience with laser treatment of the brain than any other healthcare provider in Sweden and are the only hospital in the country to provide Gamma Knife radiosurgery, a groundbreaking technology that was first invented at Karolinska. With surgery in especially sensitive areas of the brain, we have facilities to offer awake craniotomies.  

Precision medicine, where a huge amount of biological data is collected from individuals, is well integrated into our daily work. The enhanced understanding of genetics will, in the future, enable us to offer customized care with very high standards.  

Our onsite pediatric intensive care unit, as well as our neurointensive care unit, ensure we maintain a high level of patient security for our young patients. We also offer neurosurgical, neuroanesthesiological, and neurological on-call 24 hours a day.  
Together with the world-renowned Karolinska Institutet, we conduct a lot of research on epilepsy and epilepsy surgery. The research, combined with everything we do being entered in a quality register, supports our continuous development and our ambition to provide world-class epilepsy surgery care.  

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