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Center for Innovation

We facilitate innovation at Karolinska to address major healthcare challenges and shape cutting edge care. We provide support for systematic approaches, visionary strategies and fruitful collaborations, and develop the field of innovation management.

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At Karolinska, we promote innovation combining clinical research, emerging technologies and partnerships with the vast experience and knowledge of our staff and patients.

Innovations improving specialized care

We intend to optimize every aspect of specialized care – processes and procedures as well as treatments and equipment. Our goal is to create the best possible care for our patients – while also improving conditions for the healthcare personnel.

Re-invent healthcare as we know it

The vision of Karolinska University Hospital is to cure and relieve tomorrow what no one can cure and relieve today. Pushing the boundaries of healthcare is part of our everyday work – always aiming high. Not only will we generate greater patient value together with our partners, but also discover and create new forms of value.

The Center for Innovation

  • enables systematic innovation
  • establishes collaborations
  • enhances competence – courses, coaching, counselling

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Systematics, strategy, synergies and support. The Center for Innovation provides a holistic support for innovation activities and collaborations, based on research, best practices and the global standard for innovation management.

We contribute expertise and methodology to promote innovation – from identification of needs and opportunities to benefiting daily care.

Our Center for Innovation is constantly building new knowledge in the field of innovation management, with a specific focus on how to support systematic innovation within the context of a university hospital.

We also offer innovation courses to employees and managers at Karolinska as well as to other stakeholders in healthcare.

Innovation is a team effort. Diverse perspectives provide better solutions. Consequently, we partner with leading academic institutions, global businesses and innovative entrepreneurs, other healthcare providers and – not to be forgotten – the patients themselves.

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