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EUHA Members' Assembly: Pioneering the Future of Healthcare

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The EUHA Members' Assembly, held at Karolinska University Hospital from June 12-14, convened international healthcare leaders to discuss innovative solutions for future challenges. Highlights included the EUHA Symposium on AI and high-quality care, and a round table with EU stakeholders on amplifying EUHA's impact. The event culminated with Karolinska passing the presidency to San Raffaele in Milan.
Participants who attended the High-level round table meeting on Friday the 14th of June. Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund.

Last week, from June 12-14, Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm proudly hosted the highly anticipated EUHA Members' Assembly. This prestigious event brought together EUHA Working and Networking Groups to tackle pressing healthcare challenges and strategize for the future. By bringing together hospitals from various countries, EUHA can address the multifaceted challenges of contemporary healthcare with greater efficacy. Collectively, these hospitals boast over 220,000 employees, participate in more than 300 research projects, and carry out upwards of 6,000 clinical studies.

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For the first time, Karolinska Institutet participated in the EUHA Members' Assembly, marking a significant enhancement to the group with their world-renowned expertise in healthcare research and education. 

“Last week’s EUHA Members’ Assembly at Karolinska University Hospital was an inspiring gathering of international healthcare leaders and highlighted innovative approaches to high-quality care and the integration of AI. I am proud to be part of the collaborative efforts that will shape the future of healthcare,” says Annika Östman Wernerson, President of Karolinska Institutet.

"It is of great value for EUHA that Karolinska Institutet is part of our collaboration. Karolinska Institutet's knowledge and expertise will significantly contribute to our alliance's efforts in achieving our collective goals," says Anna Sahlström, Head of National and International Affairs at Karolinska University Hospital and member of EUHA Steering Committee.

To honor the important topics discussed during the symposium, Karolinska University Hospital welcomed Aida Hadžialić, Mayor of Metropolitan Stockholm, to inaugurate the symposium and welcome healthcare professionals and life science leaders from around the world to Stockholm.

Aida Hadžialić, Mayor of Metropolitan Stockholm, extended a warm welcome to healthcare professionals and life science leaders from around the world in Stockholm. Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund.


Emphasizing the critical role of collaboration in Stockholm as a global center for health and life sciences, Mayor Aida Hadžialić underscored the city's commitment to research and innovation as fundamental pillars of a modern healthcare system. Addressing the challenges confronting health systems worldwide, she highlighted Stockholm's position as a leading hub for global innovation and research.

Mayor Hadžialić stressed the pivotal importance of collaboration, both nationally and internationally, in enhancing the quality and resilience of healthcare systems. She emphasized the need to continuously strengthen these partnerships to further improve and sustain a high-quality healthcare system for all.

Spotlight on Innovation and Collaboration

A key highlight of the assembly was the EUHA Symposium, where global experts and leaders shared groundbreaking insights. They explored new methodologies in high-quality care, the implementation of AI, and effective utilization strategies. The symposium also emphasized the critical need for enhanced collaboration among institutions to create a resilient healthcare system ready to face tomorrow's challenges.

The discussions focused on demographic shifts leading to an aging population and a shrinking workforce. The importance of advancing healthcare education and research was underscored as pivotal in ensuring high-quality care and competence across all patient care settings.

"Healthcare is progressing at a very rapid rate. Not one person, not one institution, not one country can keep up with this. Only through collaborate work, working together, learning off each other and building something bigger to help the patient and the system as a whole, are we going to be successful in taking care of healthcare tomorrow."

– Michael J. Maniaci, Mayo Clinic Center of Digital Health

High-Level Round Table: Shaping EUHA's Impact

On the final day, a high-level round table meeting convened stakeholders from various sectors. Maya Matthews, Head of Unit in DG SANTE on the State of Health, European Semester, and Health Technology Assessment from the European Commission, joined the dialogue on how EUHA, as an international alliance, can amplify its influence at the EU level.

The discussion centered on the urgent need to redesign the healthcare system, emphasizing prevention, integration, and resilience, with a steadfast focus on placing people and patients at the heart of all considerations. Additionally, the conversation highlighted the importance of expanding the role of university hospitals beyond specialized care.

A notable addition to this meeting, which further deepened the conversation and impact of these proposals, was the Minister for Health Care in the Swedish government, Acko Ankarberg Johansson. With extensive experience in policy-making related to health care, social services, and welfare, Johansson has played a significant role in shaping healthcare reforms and initiatives in Sweden.

Minister for Health Care in the Swedish government, Acko Ankarberg Johansson. Photo: Fredric Möller Eklund.


Her expertise and insights are invaluable in facilitating EUHA's mission to create a resilient healthcare system for tomorrow. Her presence at the meeting underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and innovative strategies in achieving a modernized and robust healthcare system across the EU.

The event concluded with Karolinska University Hospital passing the EUHA presidency to San Raffaele in Milan, Italy, who will lead the alliance for the next six months. For further information, continue reading here.

Hear directly from our speakers and understand why this event is crucial for shaping the future of healthcare

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Text, video and photos: Fredric Möller Eklund


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