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EUHA Members' Assembly

During the biannual Members' Assembly, representatives from every EUHA (European University Hospital Alliance) member, including their CEOs and members of the EUHA Steering Committee, set the agenda and long-term strategy for EUHA. Collectively, the CEOs guide the activities of the EUHA Steering Committee, its networks, and working groups.

During these two exciting days, several of EUHA's network and working groups will come together to share experiences and discuss new ways to strategically address tomorrow's complex healthcare challenges.

13/6 – Symposium: Rethinking Healthcare Systems

Rethinking Healthcare Systems, one of the EUHA's primary initiatives, will be discussed at a symposium with experts from various healthcare-related fields. The discussions will revolve around critical challenges in Europe, including workforce shortages, an ageing population, and the high costs of advanced treatments, and how these challenges necessitate an EU-wide collaborative approach.

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14/6 – High-level round table

One of the event's major highlights is a "high-level round table" where several senior individuals from various sectors of the healthcare and business industries will discuss the Rethinking Healthcare Systems initiative, among other health and healthcare-related issues.

14/6 – Members' Assembly meeting

The Members' Assembly concludes with the transition of the EUHA Presidency, where Karolinska University Hospital will hand over the Presidency to San Raffaele University Hospital on the 14th of June.

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